Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turning the Clock back Yogurt maker giveaway!

hey there, Im posting a blog today about this awesome blog Ive been reading called Turning the clock back, they have lots of free give aways, and their product reviews are pretty interesting, heres a link to the most recent giveaway. Turning the Clock back.

Friday, April 23, 2010

South American Slaw. :)

South American Slaw.

This recipe makes enough to feed ALLOT of people, or 2 people for a week... but believe me,it hardly ever lasts that long, 4 days is the longest Ive seen it last...

first I will start with the main slaw part, you will need...

1 small green cabbage
1 small red cabbage
1 Large purple onion, red if you want a bit more bite...
3-6 yellow,orange or red bell peppers, any combination of the 3 you'd like, or just one of the 3...
1 bunch of cilantro

Quarter and core each cabbage, then slice into thin ribbon like strips, then cut strips in half so they are somewhere between 2-3 inches or so long, it doesn't matter much but its better for both presentation and is easier to eat...  slice onion into strips of similar length,  slice bell peppers into about match stick thickness, and finally wash cilantro, cut off most of the stems, and slice it up small... mix everything together!


the juice of 8-15 fresh limes depending on how big and juicy they are, NOT those plastic things full of lime just doesn't taste right...its actually kinda nasty in this recipe... you may need more if your limes don't contain much juice like my recent purchase...

1-3 large jalepeno peppers depending on how spicy you want it, I usually only go with 1 if they are rather hot peppers...

and an entire large bulb of garlic.

Pinch of salt and pepper.

Place lime juice into blender or food processor, if you want to spend the time and you have a zester, a teaspoon of lime zest can be added in at this time too... remove the stem and seeds from the jalapenos, slice them up and add them in with the lime juice, peel the garlic and add them in as well, add the pinch of salt and pepper... blend all till completely smooth or as close as possible, then add to your sliced veggies and toss thoroughly... if possible, let sit covered in fridge for at least an hour, its even better the next day as leftovers!!! there are so many healt benefits from this recipe... its all raw so you keep all the yummy minerals and vitamins, its chemically cooked by the acid in the lime juice though so it kills bacteria, an it tastes sooooo good you can even get meat and potato eaters like my dad to eat bowl after bowl after bowl of it